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And that in the broadest sense of the word: from the most ideal working environment for our entire team to a building that is as energy-neutral as possible. We avoid wasting materials in as many ways as possible and old interiors, which we disassemble separately, are recycled by a local partner - Greenwaste.

All the materials we use, from wood to paint and glue, are free of toxins. We keep residual waste to a minimum and what remains is reused wherever possible. Our high-quality production guarantees years of sustainable use.


STOOFF is located in a modern, energy efficient business building (energy class AA) in the Achterhoek. The electricity is generated as much as possible from renewable energy, the lighting is exclusively LED. We continuously monitor our energy consumption in order to make additional savings wherever possible.

All our employees live a short distance from STOOFF and come to work in an energy-efficient STOOFF VW Up or STOOFF bicycle.

thinking isin our DNA

Since we've been doing it this way for years, we don't know any better. For us, sustainable building is our standard benchmark. From the most ideal working environment for our professionals, to the most energy-neutral building possible for us to build our sustainable interiors.

Ever since STOOFF was founded, we have been concerned with the world around us. We are very much aware of our place in society, of our roots in the Achterhoek region, and of the world in which we live, work and.... build interiors.

A while ago, a colony of bees came to live at STOOFF. We sowed a piece of land next to our building with wild flowers and placed a hive there. In this way, we are helping the bees with a home, making the industrial area a little more colorful and helping the nature. 

Our beekeeper makes STOOFF honey from this in the summer. Produced by bees on our own property. We are happy to be able to contribute towards a healthy environment. 


Working sustainably starts with the materials and raw materials you choose and ends, never. This is because green materials don't disappear, they recycle. At STOOFF, we use almost only local materials and raw materials. Everything we use must be easily recyclable, reusable and dismantleable.

This is not always easy, which is why we make clear agreements with suppliers and remain in constant dialogue about our sustainability strategy. Have our interiors served their purpose? Then we dismantle them and the used materials are picked up and processed by our partner Greenwaste- giving them new life.

we work
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Everything is about efficiency. We pay attention to waste of time, inventory, transportation, mistakes, overproduction, movement and talent. The bottom line? Tight schedules, accurate calculations for purchasing needed materials, and engaging and staying in conversation with our employees. We work with the most energy-efficient and modern machinery, our building LED-lit and AA-rated, and we constantly monitor our own energy consumption.

It is important to deal with people, materials and the environment as efficiently, safely and healthily as possible. People and the environment go hand in hand. And for STOOFF that means having an eye for both the environment outside, in the Achterhoek region and far beyond, and inside, in our working environment. This is how we build a sustainable world from the inside out.


Waste is wrong. Right? No way! Not as long as you do something good with it. And it's getting easier and easier to do that these days. In this way we create something very valuable with something worthless.

It starts with separation. Our waste is separated, then collected and processed by our partner Greenwaste. That way we can be sure that almost everything is recycled and reused. We also consider it important in our own workplace, both in the factory and in the office, that everything is neatly clean and tidy. So we can work with a clear conscience for the cleanest future we can imagine.

durable interior without our

And without healthy and happy professionals, there won't be good sustainable interiors. STOOFF offers its employees a social, safe and healthy working environment. And our employees are a great bunch of fanatics, who have an incredible drive to keep renewing and improving themselves and our products.

At STOOFF, we believe in the (mental) well-being of all employees. Because a healthy body is important, just as much as a healthy mind. we call that here in the Achterhoek- goed te pas zijn. And if you are fit, you deliver better work. Everyone gets the chance to prove themselves and achieve their ambitions.

We offer free health checks, provide good food and a great atmosphere. This is how, every day, we contribute to a more sustainable future. We call it building interiors without barriers. And actually we think it should be the normal.

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