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STOOFF specializes in producing everything from various interior elements to complete interior projects for both the business and private market. Personal approach, eye for detail and solid craftsmanship are characteristics of our way of working.

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"STOOFF is a great example of how to run a company. Forward thinking, expertise, guts, compassion for your staff, daring to invest, always wanting to be one step ahead, wanting to better than the best, as Peter puts it, but also being real and remaining yourself. Just look around you, you will find it here. And of course work hard, you get nothing for nothing."


STOOFF interiors and designs are 100% 'made in the Achterhoek'. Everything is produced in-house, assembled, transported by our own people and assembled on location by our own people.

The manufacturing industry is a calling card for the Netherlands and the Achterhoek occupies a powerful place in it with fine manufacturing companies. There has traditionally been a lot of craftsmanship in our region, we are born with a good work mentality and we are open to innovations.

Thanks to these characteristics, we know how to guarantee 100% quality from our own company."

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STOOFF's open and clearly structured office reflects throughout the entire organization. From the radiant entrance at the front desk to the fully equipped showroom, where a sample of each material is available to feel and experience.

In the open-plan offices, everyone works with the most up-to-date software for both calculations, visual 3D impressions and highly detailed project drawings. Software that connects seamlessly with the state-of-the-art machinery, allowing every process to be controlled digitally and sustainably. Work preparation with impeccable timing.


STOOFF works entirely according to the principles of Smart Industry. The far-reaching digitalization of departments, machines, production resources and procedures leads to raw material and cost efficiency and flexibility, both in product, volume and delivery time.

This way of working ensures minimal error rates in production and offers smart reuse of materials. Because all lines are logically connected and intelligently with each other, STOOFF is able to provide affordable customization with short delivery times.

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Our processes are so flexible, precise and fast that we can have a custom cabinet ready within an hour. Assembled and all. Everything happens according to our streamlined, automated production line: from drawing the design, calculating the materials, controlling the machines to the instructions for the foreman.

All phases connect seamlessly, ensuring that no energy, creativity, time or materials are wasted.


Digital innovation enables all designs to be prepared in detail. Intelligence and knowledge from the extensive database bring drawing, sawing, milling and drilling together in a computer system that controls much of the manufacturing process. A design is never too complicated.

Energy-efficient machines are interconnected and communicate with each other via bar codes. The result is an error-free, efficient preparation process. Minute calculations virtually eliminate wasted material and leave a minimum of residual material.

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100% in-house means that we also have our own transport services. Because we feel completely responsible for projects and items which we have manufactured with so much care and attention, right up to and including installation, we do not simpely hand these over to a transport company We transport everything ourselves. The size of the interior to be deliverd determines the choice of a large or smaller truck for transport.

We drive all over Europe with our own sustainable trucks. We ensure that everything is on site safely and on time - in accordance with agreements we have made - and then get to work with our assembly team to install the project. Needless to say, we are also well organized outside our office. We keep to the schedule and the on-site work floor looks neat and tidy.


STOOFF is at the forefront of certifications and labels when it comes to quality, operations, sustainability, safety and expertise. ISO, FSC, VCA are just some of a long list of certifications. The VCA certificate stands for Safety Checklist Contractors (SCC), which indicates that STOOFF places a high priority on a safe working environment.

STOOFF also has certificates to be an authorized processor of materials such as Corian® and HI-MACS®.

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